Small Yellow Horses is the brainchild of a fine artist/graphic designer and her brilliantly entrepreneurial husband. The idea behind Small Yellow Horses, to make high quality, beautiful, affordable fine art available through Zoo Gift Shops, Museum Stores, Children’s Retailers, Nature Stores and to online customers, was conceived on a long, rainy drive from Oregon to California several years ago.

Our company is named after a painting by Franz Marc, an early twentieth-century German Expressionist and member of the Fauve art movement. The word “Fauve” is French for Wild Beasts, as the Fauve’s were known for creating works which emphasized wild, painterly brush strokes and strong color over more realistic imagery and palette choices. Small Yellow Horses’ products feature images created within the Fauve aesthetic, and they highlight that most ancient and fundamental of artist’s subjects, wild animals.

We like to think of the audience for our products as being discriminating viewers between 2 and 102 years old ~ our images having been loved for many years by small children and great-grandparents alike. Our “staff” reflects this intergenerational focus as well, with the owner’s 6 year old son offering frequent input on products and images. Check back with us frequently to see our new products as they unfold!

“How do you see these trees? They are yellow. So, put in yellow; this shadow, rather blue, paint it with pure ultramarine; these red leaves? Put in vermilion.” — Paul Gauguin

  Franz Marc, Small Yellow Horses, 1912